How to care for hair

Big and graceful hair has always been an indicator not only of beauty, but also of health. To achieve an ideal state, you need to consult a specialist - only he will be able to choose the good and the right remedies suitable for your hair type. But you can monitor hair at home, so let's look at how to properly care for hair.

Hair wash

Before you start to wash your hair, you need to comb your hair with a comb or massage comb. This will help get rid of dead cells and improve blood flow to the head. Next, moisten the hair with water, the temperature of which should not be higher than 34 degrees. Then apply the shampoo, distributing it over all the hair of the head, and rub it into the skin with light movements.

After rinsing with water, repeat again. To give hair splendor and well-groomed shape, use balms. Dry your hair with a towel without massaging it between your hands, as this has a bad effect on the color of the hair and leads to its cross section.

Comb the hair

Owners of long braids should start combing their hair from the ends, making a bun, and then proceed to combing the upper part. Medium hair needs to be combed from above, gradually moving to the ends. Wet hair is not recommended to comb at all - as they are badly damaged. When the hair is dry, use special products.


To preserve the beauty of the hair, it is better to dry it naturally. Unfortunately, this is not always enough time, but to make volume or curling, you need to use a curling iron, hair dryer and other devices. How to protect hair from negative influences? When drying with a hairdryer, it is recommended to use thermoprotective agents that will save not only the hairdryer, but also curlers with curling irons from the dangerous effects. Do not forget that when styling the hairdryer should be kept no closer than 25 cm from the hair.

Tips for every hair type

Dry hair problems

There are many reasons why hair turns into dry mocks due to the action of various cosmetics for curls, a state of health, etc. That is why such hair requires special attention. You need to wash them with a light shampoo for dry hair, which enriches the hair with vitamins, moisturizes and softens them.

Sprays will help provide hair with moisture, but there are various folk remedies. For example, you can brew a mint infusion: pour 2 tablespoons of dried mint with boiled water (1 cup), leave for half an hour and wash it with washed hair. This will wake the cells, and the skin will receive the necessary amount of natural reserve of fat. To keep warm, wrap your head in a towel. After 35 minutes have passed, the entire mask needs to be washed off with shampoo.

Greasy hair

The appearance of oil on the hair occurs due to improper functioning of the subcutaneous fat of the head. A balanced diet with a complete lack of sweets will help to resist oily hair. It is necessary to take vitamins such as E and B, and use the right cosmetics.

With oily hair, you can not use balms and similar remedies. The work of the sebaceous glands activates multiple combing of hair, the use of a hairdryer and warm water. To get rid of this problem, use special shampoos and products - for example, an aqueous-vinegar solution or a solution of chicken yolk. It is necessary to mix together 1 raw yolk with 1 tablespoon of alcohol, adding a spoonful of water. After washing your head, rub this mixture into the scalp. Wait 5 minutes and rinse without rubbing your head hard.

To enhance hair growth is not a problem!

Of course, it is impossible to grow hair in a day. One of the reasons is that each person has his own hair growth rate, the secret of which is not even known to the best scientists in the world. But there are facts by which hair slows down - for example, the lack of necessary climatic conditions, the loss of special vitamins.

Vitamins A, B, C and E will help activate hair growth. Vitamin B1 enhances hair growth. Thiamine or Vitamin B1 can be found in foods such as beans, bread, soy, etc. Vitamin B2 is responsible for the external beauty of the hair, and a deficiency can be detected if the ends of the hair quickly become dry or greasy. This vitamin is found in dairy products.

Vitamin B3 stimulates hair growth, supplies follicles with oxygen. A deficiency of this vitamin is visible in early gray hair. B3 can be found in beef.

B5 prevents moisture loss in the scalp in places with high temperature, and also protects against the effects of a hair dryer. Pyridoxine (B6) protects against dandruff, itching and various skin irritations. It is found in rice, wheat porridge, as well as in bananas, potatoes and other similar products. Vitamin B7 is necessary for men, as it prevents hair loss. Biotin also gives hair elegance and beauty. A lot of this vitamin can be found in green plants.

Vitamin A saves you from brittleness and hair loss. Its positive effect on the hair is enhanced by applying it with vitamin E, which nourishes the bulbs. Carotene is found in dairy products, and vitamin E is found in oils and herbs.

However, hair growth is influenced not only by a lack of vitamins, but also by the state of health itself. An unbalanced diet, depression, drinking, smoking - all this puts considerable pressure on hair growth.

Effective for stimulating growth is massage. Before washing your hair, it is recommended to rub your scalp in smooth, massive movements, for which you will need no more than 20 minutes. For greater effect when massaging, you can use essential oils. There are various folk masks - for example, a mask with burdock oil, a mask of mustard, pepper and many more effective mixtures. After growing your hair, carefully study how to properly care for long hair.

Every girl would like to have beautiful hair, but for this it is necessary to observe a number of rules from specialists. Let's consider some of them.